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Information Technology

Confused? Disoriented? Perplexed about your network, so is the whole world, so we think we will get along just fine. Bulgingbrain has spent the time to figure out the wacky world of computers so you don’t have to. We toiled over the problems, discussed all possibilities with the “flat earth society”, and stared into the cold dark eyes of the mighty processor!

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Cloud Computing

Ever deleted a file and then SCREAMED “WHY ME!” Have you ever wished you had the time to understand remote access, file distribution and FTP? We hope not, that’s our JOB!

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Technical Services

Relax take it easy. Have you ever needed to work form home because you can’t bare going in on a bad hair day? We can help with remote access to your network. Is your work load taking away from your workout schedule? We say go to the gym, take a sauna, and we’ll keep you from sweating at the office

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Bulgingbrain, the information technology experts. Let us take a peek at your systems, if you like what we see; and we see everything, we’ll secure your network so you can rest at night. We’ll examine your systems completely at no charge to you.  We’ll present our review, talk, have lunch, laugh, and maybe cry a little

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News & Events

Jobs at the Brain!

Think you have what it takes to work with the Bulgignbrain... read more

Whats New

It's changing everyday folks. We keep on top of the trends ..read more

Interesting Facts

Did you know spam tastes bad and comes outside of the can? ..read more

Who are you Bulgingbrain

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What we do

Our onsite offsite services can help. And that help comes right to your door. Our Information technology and computer experts will manage your computer systems so you don't have to.

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Computer Services

So why worry about technical staffing, sick days, technical know how, upgrades or anything related to your systems. Let Bulgingbrain take this burden off your shoulders. We offer technologies solutions for all your company needs and deliver the most advanced business solutions available.

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